Two Russian regions to engage in the mining

The governors of two Russian regions have shown to be ready to accommodate large facilities, mining of crypto-currencies. Kaliningrad and Leningrad are indeed ready to receive the miners and want to be involved in the operation of Bitcoin. The local authorities have expressed their intention to develop in this sector. They are now pressure on Moscow for the implementation of regulations related to this activity.

A huge farm mining

Many investors are interested in crypto-currencies in the Kaliningrad region, said its governor, Anton Alihanov, in the margins of the Russian Forum on the investment in Sochi. In the near future, the region could become a huge farm mining, he stated to RIA Novosti. According to the latter, there are a lot of people who show interest in the mining of crypto-currencies. Do it all properly is quite complicated, it is for this reason that he wants to move gently, he explained.

If you missed this announcement, here is a video in English explaining these facts :

Alihanov was also noted that Kaliningrad has developed greenhouses producing tons of strawberries. The greenhouses need heating during the colder months, and mining facilities produce a lot of heat. The mining operations can in fact be built near the strawberry fields to heat the greenhouses. In addition, the governor of the region is still reluctant to the idea of investing in crypto-currencies.

The minors will use a nuclear power plant decommissioned

Other local officials also announced their intention to conduct mining activities in the region. The authorities of Leningrad, planning to create a technology park for the miners of digital currencies. It will be built in the premises of the nuclear power plant in Sosnovy Bor, has revealed the governor of the region Alexandr Drozdenko. The station electro-atomic Leningrad (LAES) will be decommissioned in 2020.

A new power plant will replace the units with RBMK-LAES, which currently produces about 50 % of the electricity in the region. The LAES-2 will be equipped with reactors WWER-1200, which will be safer. LAES is the largest power plant in north-west Russia.

Source : NewsBitcoin