Ukraine calls for the development of a legal framework for Bitcoin

The Ukraine, now serious about the regulation of crypto-currencies, including Bitcoin, is in the process of putting in place a special working group to oversee the completion of the necessary device. Specific legislation has been before Parliament since October. The Ukrainian central Bank is planning to issue e-hryvnias, while the minister of Justice says Bitcoin requires a legislation very specific.

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The crypto-currencies occupy an important place in the security of the country

The digital currency has been treated as a major topic at a meeting of the national coordination Centre for cyber security, on Thursday. Participants were examined more closely to what they have designated as the uncontrolled circulation of crypto-currencies on the territory of Ukraine. According to representatives of the central Bank, the security service and the national police of ukraine, the lack of control and anonymity of the transactions may create conditions conducive to money laundering. Officials ukrainians have also noted the possible use of virtual currency for the purchase of commodities, such as weapons or drugs.

According to Oleksandr Turchynov, secretary of the national security Council, the government takes lightly the problem. He pointed out that the absence of a regulatory framework could encourage this type of activity. With the rapid development of crypto-currencies around the world, Ukraine can not leave this question in abeyance, said Mr Turchynov.

The Bitcoin should be legalized

The meeting on cybersecurity held a few days after a statement of the minister of Justice, Pavel Petrenko, indicating that the Bitcoin must be introduced in the legal field. In an interview with Segodnya on Sunday, Mr. Petrenko noted that transactions of crypto-currencies would take place, one way or another. That is why, he thinks it would be better to regulate the Bitcoin immediately.

Source : Gerd Altmann, Pixabay

The Bitcoin is already an important part of the financial operations, he confirmed. Pavel Petrenko also think that his country should work with the EU and the United States to provide a legal definition unified as the Bitcoin.

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