Ukraine is drafting a law to exempt from tax the revenues and profits for cryptographic

A draft law has been submitted to the Ukrainian parliament to change the country’s tax code to exempt from taxation the income and profits obtained with the transactions of crypto-currencies, including the purchase, sale, trading and mining.


In Ukraine, crypto-currencies are preferred

The chair of the committee on tax policy and customs of the Ukrainian parliament, Nina Yuzjanina, presented to parliament a draft law to modify the tax codes in the country. It is mainly to introduce changes that relate to the crypto-currencies and their derivatives. This bill bears the number 7246. It aims to change the tax code in ukraine to exempt the profits obtained during the purchase and sale of crypto-currencies and of the process of mining. According to the note accompanying the draft law submitted to the parliament : “in Order to create an effective mechanism to stimulate the Ukrainian market of crypto-currencies, the following logic is the exemption of the tax on the profits of companies. “


Ukraine remains on his line

This new bill is the third submitted to the parliament in the framework of the regulation of crypto-currencies. The first was submitted the first week of October. It was proposed to consider the crypto-currencies as a property that can be exchanged for other goods and services. The second draft law has been submitted a week after the first. Entitled ” On the stimulation of the market of crypto-currencies and their derivatives in Ukraine “, the draft law proposes to treat crypto-currencies as financial assets. Finally, the third bill is intended to respond to the second draft of the law and makes provisions for the derivatives of crypto-currencies and crypto-currencies themselves.

Source : News.Bitcoin