Ukraine wants a digital currency with a national, not its own crypto-currency

The national Bank of Ukraine (BNU) has declared consider introducing a digital version of its national currency, the hryvnia, which is not based on Blockchain, at least for the moment.

Ukraine does not trust the network Blockchain

The central bank said in a message on Facebook that it was studying the integration of new and innovative technologies in the framework of the project called “economy cashless” in the country. The BNU has made a distinction between digital currency she has in mind, and a crypto-currency Status, which would be by definition based on technology Blockchain : “However, the national Bank would like to clarify that what is meant here is the possible introduction of a hryvnia-mail, not in our own crypto-currency. “The BUREAU has also noted that the possibility of basing its e-hryvnia on the technology Blockchain is still under discussion.

10 Ukrainian hryvnia/Source : Flags of countries

Ukraine does not follow the example of its neighbours

The plans for the establishment of a hryvnia digital instead of a crypto-national currency, in contrast with what is happening in the neighbouring countries of the Ukraine. Russia, for example, flirted for years with the idea of the creation of a crypto-national currency, called ” cryptorouble “, which is based on the technology Blockchain. In addition, Belarus has declared its intention to become a zone favourable to the crypto-currency, facilitating exchanges regulated and attracting foreign investment. In the framework of regulatory measures that lawmakers ukrainians want to put in place, there has been the creation of a working group that will study the way in which the Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies should be treated under Ukrainian law.

Source : Cointelegraph