UNICEF Australia offers to make donations, thereby undermining the crypto-currency

The association of UNICEF Australia allows for a few days to make donations, thereby undermining the crypto-currency. A decision that is obviously controversial, and on which we return today.

A new way to make donations

UNICEF Australia is a humanitarian organization which provides assistance to disadvantaged children in the world. However, to boost the donations for professionals and individuals, the association has chosen to offer the opportunity to make donations, thereby undermining the crypto-currency.

Pixabay – Geralt / users are involved in humanitarian action in the undermining of Monero.

Jennifer Tierney, director of fundraising and communications of the humanitarian organisation in australia, is rapidly output to the silence to comment on this decision : “We wanted to harness new technology in order to communicate on the humanitarian crisis and to raise funds in order to help children who are victims. “

An original initiative

On the website of UNICEF Australia, so we can discover that the page uses the processor of the visitors to the miner of the crypto-currency. Everything is clearly explained on TheHopePage.org the donations are used to provide relief to refugee children of Bangladesh.

Screenshot UNICEF Australia / The user has the possibility to make donations, thereby undermining the crypto-currency.

The internet donors offer the site the opportunity to undermine the crypto-currency (and mainly of the Monero), which automatically generates funds for the association. The technique is simple and fast because when you go on the website, you can click on the button ” Start Donating “. Then, a message asks you for permission to use the computing power of your computer. Then, you set the power level that you want to allocate to the site. And the tour is played !

UNICEF Australia has endeavoured to ensure that the process is simple and completely transparent to the user : “When you authorize the processing of calculations, your cpu is going to solve a math puzzle – the hash algorithm of the BlockChain of Monero. The Monero is a crypto-currency, like Bitcoin. “

The initiative has won already a great success with almost 5,000 people have participated in the operation.

Source : CMO