Unicef helps to make donations, thereby undermining the crypto-currency

Unicef innovates to enable the gamers to make donations to the association. This is a new donation campaign called Game Chaingers, which was launched last Friday to finance the needs related to the protection of syrian children.

A gift campaign new

Unicef hope to raise a lot of money with this original campaign, in connection with the crypto-currencies. In fact, the united Nations Fund for children has named its new campaign donations Game Chaingers. Those who wish to make a donation does not need to send funds : they undermine the crypto-currency.

The principle is simple but as yet unpublished. Just go on a website, and then download the software mining. It is then necessary to leave his computer switched on in order to undermine the ethers for Unicef. This initiative is addressed mainly to players on PC who can transform their graphics card in tool for humanitarian aid. This is the first time that a fundraiser of any kind is imagined in the world.

A target reflected

The target of the players PC is not a coincidence. If Unicef has chosen, it is because the gamers make heavy use of their computer, but not the whole day not more. Unicef is hoping to convince them to use their computer station to support a noble cause, without that they send to the lower euro/dollar. Even if they obviously will have to pay the electricity bill at the end of the month.

Game Chaingers / Unicef

The project will end march 31, 2018 and, for the moment, the success is not really at the rendez-vous. Indeed, in four days, the money collected is around 1 082€, which is very low. To participate, simply visit the site Game Chaingers or to send directly from the ethers.

Such an initiative on the part of Unicef grants, inexorably, to a new legitimacy to crypto-currencies. Without a doubt, the revolution is on the march…

Source : Game Chaingers