University College London wants to use the Bitcoin for check fraud CV

Imagine being treated by a doctor with a fake diploma, or lose a job because another candidate who faked his CV. Unfortunately, such cases are very common these days in different parts of the world where the verification of documents is too burdensome or too costly. However, Bitcoin can provide the answer to ensure that these frauds are avoided.

Below the details of this project :

Check CV via the Bitcoin

University College London has announced that its Center for technology Blockchain has put in place a pilot program for graduates-MSC in financial risk management to provide an instant verification of their academic qualifications by using the Bitcoin. All graduates may then register the details of their diplomas on a platform developed by a start-up in london Gradbase. The establishment has verified the validity of these data and the system has issued a transaction validating the authenticity of these degrees via the Bitcoin. The graduates, participants were given a QR code that they can place on their CV, business cards or professional profiles.

Source : Pixabay. Verification of the applicant’s CV thanks to the Bitcoin.

The co-founder of the company, C├ędric Glue, has indicated that academic fraud is a global problem that requires a global solution. The ambition of Gradbase is to become the first platform of skills check.

A center dedicated to the technology Blockchain

Founded in 1826 in the heart of the british capital, the UCL is the third largest university in the United Kingdom. It has approximately 38 000 students from 150 different countries. Its Centre for Blockchain Technology is used for research on the Bitcoin and related innovations. He provides consulting services to the community industry.

Paolo Tasca, executive director of the UCL has stated that they are very pleased to be working with Gradbase for this project, which is a first in the United Kingdom. The UCL plays an important role in the development of the sector by allowing the use of technology Blockchain in the world of education, he added.

Source : NewsBitcoin