Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan are launching in the world of crypto-currencies

Several countries in central Asia have taken steps to adopt the crypto-currency in one way or another. Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan are just some of the former soviet republics to the less visible on the market, but today they begin to appear on the radar of digital currency. With some new benefits and policies, they are trying to attract investors and to integrate into the global ecosystem of virtual currencies.

Source : Ronny K, Pixabay. The countries of central Asia is developing increasingly in the world of crypto-currencies.

An initiative to improve the economy of their country

Kyrgyzstan, which borders some of the mining regions of China, wants to use crypto-currencies in the public market. The Prime minister Sapar Isakov made the announcement at the economic forum in Almaty, the financial capital of the neighbouring country. According to Mr. Isakov, the kyrgyz republic will introduce this technology in projects funded by the government, in the framework of a program that is expected to result in a digital transformation in the country. Thanks to the implementation of this programme, the country intends to take advantage of the goods and services technology emerging.

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The kyrgyz authorities have the intention of spending of the crypto-currency for the financing of various projects. In particular, there is a program to improve access to government services in the more remote areas. On the other hand, they are also planning to install surveillance cameras on the roads.

A more transparent solution

Kazakhstan also wants to participate in the development of digital currencies. The president of the republic of the country, Nursultan Nazarbayev, said that he was interested in the launch of a digital currency, global in nature. He indicated that it could be called G-Global. It would be democratic and transparent, he added.

The G-Global Business Portal, a platform that brings together digital experts from around the world, is actively involved in the development of the new crypto-currencies. Another central Asian country, Uzbekistan, ranked third in a recent study on mineral expenditures. According to the International Business Times, the exploitation of one Bitcoin costs 1 790 dollars in the country. Venezuela is in the lead, with a cost of just 531 dollars, followed by the Trinidad and Tobago, with a cost of 1 190$.

Source : NewsBitcoin