Vending machines let you exchange tickets for cash in Bitcoin

Technological advances grow more and more. Now, you can find atms accepting large sums of money in exchange for Bitcoins. These devices have the wind in its sails in the netherlands. Moreover, the authorities of the kingdom are very concerned by the development of these devices in the country. These innovative devices allow individuals to exchange the digital currency.


Individuals can pay several thousands of euros in cash and get Bitcoins. In addition, this machine also allows you to sell the crypto-currency. Currently, a dozen vending machines are installed in the netherlands. The majority of these devices are operated by the company Bitcoins4me, which has a merchant site.

Risks related to the development of these devices

The attorney general in charge of the business of money laundering, Anita Van Dis, has stated that these devices will facilitate the task of crime. These now have a way to get virtual currency in exchange for large sums of money, she added.

The Bitcoin is not subject to any authority, therefore, it is possible to use it freely. The client is also forced to pay a fees are quite important for the use of these devices and the commission of the companies of trade of Bitcoin. In effect, the commission charged by the companies to the Dutch average of 0.25% of the transaction amount. For the use of the device, it amounts to approximately 6 % of the amount.

An innovation to democratize the market of Bitcoin

This technology is a true innovation in the world of crypto-currencies. In effect, these distributors will allow a wider public access to this market. Of course, there are risks related to the use of these devices, but the implementation of regulations on the part of governments to promote control of the sector and limit fraud. We expect to see these devices in other european countries such as France.

Source : LesEchos