Venezuela said that the pre-sale of the Petro reported 735 million

Venezuela has announced that the presale of its crypto-currency, oil, Petro, has enabled the collection of 735 million dollars on the first day. The government has also published a manual of the buyer and confirmed that the investors have at their disposal of digital currencies strong.

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The launch of the pre-sale of the Petro

The presale of the crypto-currency oil of venezuela, the Petro, has been scheduled for 20 February. At the same time, the government has announced the publication of a manual of the buyer as well as a compliance manual anti-money laundering. A total of $ 82.4 million of Petro has been proposed for the phase of pre-sale. The vice-president of the country, Tareck El Aissami, confirmed on Monday that this crypto-currency can be purchased by citizens of venezuelans and foreigners. According to Carlos Vargas, a senior official of the regulatory authorities of the market, pre-sales, and the ICO will honor of crypto-currencies strong.

Source : mohamed Hassan, Pixabay. Venezuela has launched the presale of its crypto-currency, the Petro.

Interested buyers can visit the platform Etherdelta to place private orders. However, at the time of this declaration, no price has been posted. This could be due to technical problems in the purchase process, such as a Javascript error that prevents users from filling their orders.

Detailed instructions on how to purchase the Petro

On the government’s web site, you can discover instructions helping users to buy Petro. Therefore, to access this service, buyers need only to open a digital wallet. After the opening of this account, it is possible to obtain an e-mail with which the user can share with all those who wish to file PTR in the portfolio.

The manual of the buyer details the step by step process to register and gain access to a portfolio Petro. Useful instructions, which greatly facilitate the task of the investors and to ensure their optimal safety.

Source : NewsBitcoin