Venezuela seeks minors for the Petro

Venezuela is in search of miners to the crypto-currency of the country, the Petro. The government has opened a registry for that miners can enroll in the firm mining and have access to the new digital currency. According to the president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, 860 811 young people are already registered to ensure that the mining operations of Petro.

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In quest of minors venezuelan

Venezuela has launched a call to recruit miners of crypto-currencies. The portal, launched by the high representative of the project, will remain open until January 21. It is compulsory to register on this platform in order to have access to the Petro, reported El Impulso. The minister of communication and information, Jorge Rodriguez, has also indicated that registrants may have access to other crypto-currencies permitted by the government. He explained that the natural or legal person registered in the register will be able to buy other digital currencies.

The venezuelan president announced in December the creation of the Petro. He then created an agency in charge of market surveillance, as well as the observatory of the technology blockchain to oversee the launch and operation of the Petro. Recently, it has supported crypto-currency with 5 billion barrels of oil.

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More than 860 000 registered

Since the announcement of the launch of the Petro, Maduro claims to have recruited young people through their countries to develop farms to mining. According to El Universal, the president of the country stated that they were going to call them ” special team of crypto-currencies “. Maduro has confirmed nearly 860 000 young people have already joined the project. 300 000 of them have started to work on it.

For this project, the computers will be interconnected through a network mining, said Maduro. During this time, the private sector in Venezuela has some reservations about the Petro. El Impulse, it was shown that the market of digital currency in the world is not run by the government, and its credibility and its success depend on trust, which is not the case in Venezuela.

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