Venezuela urged 10 other countries to adopt the crypto-currency oil

The venezuelan president, Nicolas Maduro, has called 10 other countries to adopt their own crypto-currency, oil, the Petro. This announcement comes after the decision taken by the Parliament of the country, in considering this new digital currency as being illegal.

The proposal of Maduro

Maduro has held a meeting with the Bolivarian Alliance for the peoples of America (ALBA) on Friday. ALBA consists of Antigua and Barbuda, Bolivia, Cuba, the dominican Republic, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Venezuela, Grenada, Saint Kitts and Nevis. At this meeting, Mr. Maduro has called on the member countries of ALBA, to undertake together the creation of the crypto-currency, the Petro, reported Prensa Latina. According to the report of “El Comercio”, Maduro reportedly said that he invited all these countries to consider the Petro-currency in the integration of their peoples. It is imperative to take this proposal with a highest priority, he added.

Check out below the video published by NewsBitcoin detailing this announcement :

Maduro is at the origin of the creation of ALBA. Its objective is to gather all the member countries and to adopt this crypto-currency national to integrate the Twenty-first century in a bold way, but also in a creative way, said the president of Venezuela.

An on-going problem

Since its announcement in early December, the virtual currency national of Venezuela has been the subject of controversy. The venezuelan president has put in place various measures, including the allocation of more than 5 billion barrels of crude oil, in order to contribute to the launch of this crypto-currency. Nicolas Maduro has also ordered the issuance of the first $ 100 million of Petros and held a meeting with the miners.

The Petro is expected to be launched in 6 weeks and will be pre-mined, has announced the senior officials of the country. In addition, a day prior to this announcement, the national Assembly of venezuela stated that the crypto-currency is illegal. Parliamentarians have unanimously voted the absolute nullity of this decree to issue the Petro. It is expected, therefore, to see how the situation will evolve after this declaration of Maduro.

Source : NewsBitcoin