Viabtc announces the launch of a new company to trade crypto-currencies

The group Viabtc announced the creation of a new company to trade digital currencies based in the United Kingdom. This technology is going to host exclusively of crypto-currencies and will use Bitcoin Cash as currency of reference.

Bitcoin Cash will be the currency of reference of Coinex

The society of crypto-currencies launched by Viabtc in the United Kingdom will be known as Coinex. Viabtc announcement of the launch, following the closure of his previous company on 30 September, because of the chinese repression of crypto-currencies. According to sources, Coinex has requested a move to the United Kingdom on 4 December last.

Below is a video detailing this announcement :

Sara Ouyang, head of the mining Viabtc, has indicated that the lower fees offered by the Bitcoin Cash, contributed to their decision to use the currency of digital crypto-currency basis for the exchange. She explained that the reason why they have chosen the Bitcoin Cash is that it offers transactions much faster with lower costs and better performance.

Scheduled to launch in the course of this week

Ouyang said that the company intends to provide various products for trading. On the other hand, it is also planning to offer products that are derivatives of crypto-currencies in the future. Viabtc also stressed that they are in the process of developing a solution for trading currencies digital. This application will complete the ecosystem, she confirmed. The head of the mining group said that they planned to start the exchanges in the course of the week.

In July, Viabtc became the first company to list on the futures market of Bitcoin Cash. In September, the company announced that it would cease to provide exchange services of crypto-currencies to customers based in China. Last month, the Bitcoin Cash has experienced a quite difficult situation because of a problem of algorithm. Since then, the digital currency continues to make progress.

Source : NewsBitcoin