Virtual currencies : at the End of the recess to the ICO

Pullulan on the market, the ICO began to attract the ire of the authorities financial. And this phenomenon is seen in the 4 corners of the world. If before, the area reigned as a master without having sticks in the wheels, today it is a whole other story. Indeed, some nations wish to ban the Initial Corner Offering their territories.

The SEC is sounding the alarm

The beginning of August, the constable u.s. stock exchange, more commonly known by the acronym SEC, had sounded the alarm in regards to the ICO. The stigma of this new form of investment was the result of a few high-profile cases. They include the folder polemics of the DAO (150 million dollars gone up in smoke because of a default coding of a smart contract), or the hacking of CoinDash (More than 7.3 million euros stolen after the défaçage a web platform).

According to the SEC, the ICO must be subject to procedures

The u.s. considers the token as well as the units of the DAO as the value of the stock market. As well, they must follow the same procedures as the last. Because of this, any individual who wants to set up an Initial Corner Offering must go through the same process as an ipo in the traditional way. A decision which is not of the taste of some big players in the sector of the ICO. Please note that this logo is a derivative of IPO (Initial Public Offering, which means introduction of a company on the stock exchange) to designate a fund raiser in virtual currency.

Could it be that we are witnessing the decline of crypto-currencies in the world ? Before this verdict quite aggressive Americans, had been unable to attend the put-in-exile of the ICO by china. In short, after the US, it is Beijing that is put into it. Who will be the next nation ?

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