Vitalik Buterin has received a job offer at Google

Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum, would have been approached by Google. The giant of the Web would, it seems, integrate it into his teams and he would be offered a job. It is, in any case, what he proved by posting a screen shot on Twitter this week. What has not failed to respond to the internet users.

A tweet surprise

Vitalik Buterin is highly followed on social networks, especially on Twitter. Also, when he posted a screenshot proving that Google was looking to hire, the reactions are not made wait ! Moreover, the co-founder of Ethereum has not even taken the trouble to hide the identity or the mail person.

Copy Twitter – Vitalik Buterin / Here is the screenshot posted by the co-founder of Ethereum.

In this capture, we discovered that Google offered him a job. In fact, his profile is of interest to the giant of the Web. Vitalik Buterin has taken this news with a smile and has fun with his community. In fact, he has done a small survey to ask if he should or should not accept the offer : “Do I have to let go of Ethereum and go to work for Google ? “

Clear answers

The survey has worked very well since it has received more than 2,000 responses ! 59 % of the respondents advise to Vitalik Buterin to refuse the offer of employment with Google. A few hours later, the tweet had disappeared… probably he understood that he had made a mistake by posting this information rather confidential !

Pixabay – Someone Makes Day / Vitalik Buterin has fun with this job offer.

It seems that there is very little chance that Vitalik Buterin leaves Ethereum to go to Google. All the more that such a decision could permanently change the market. He has probably put this screen shot online to have a little fun… But not sure that it has everyone laughing !

We know that Google is very interested in the technology of BlockChain and crypto-currencies, and that integrate Vitalik Buterin its teams would be a nice asset for the giant of the Web. After all, why not…

Source : NCC