Vitalik has the potential improvements to the technology Ethereum Taiwan

Vitalik Buterin, founder of Ethereum, has presented the future plan of the technology Blockchain at a conference in Taipei. He took advantage of this opportunity to address some of the biggest problems Ehtereum and suggest how to improve this solution. Having already provided a significant amount of information, Buterin gives more details on the new update of this technology.

So he began by commenting on the various crypto-currencies can replace the Ethereum. We discover, in effect, the development of altcoins on the market in recent months. According to the young computer scientist, only Ethereum is capable of replacing Ethereum. All the other crypto-currencies are based on this technology, he added.

Areas to improve

Buterin continued by outlining the four areas where it sees a need for improvement on the technology Ethereum current. It is the privacy, the security of consensus, the security of intelligent contracts and scalability. For these first three, the co-founder of Ethereum sees a solution that is actively growing.


In the area of privacy, the solution Byzantium has promoted the development of the zk-SNARKs, a tool that Vitalik considers it viable, thanks to a regular update. As to the security of the consensus, the recent solution, known as ” Casper “, should provide alternatives. Finally, for the security of intelligent contracts, Viper and the formal verification can produce real solutions.

The problems that may face Ethereum

In spite of the efforts by the developers, the problem of scale remains important. Vitalik explained that the decentralization, scalability, and security are factors that are complex and may present major challenges in the future.

Scalability on Ethereum must be thousands of transactions per second, confirms Buterin. The solution, according to Vitalik, is located in the sharding or permission of the side chains, where changes to protocol can be improved while keeping the main chain intact.

Source : CoinTelegraph