“We légaliserons the Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies,” says a candidate in the Russian presidential

The politician Russian Boris Titov, who recently announced his candidacy for the presidency of Russia, is an advocate of Bitcoins. He promises to legalize Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies, if he is elected. Titov is a friend of president Vladimir Putin and directs its efforts to combat corruption. Besides, the Russian president has his own opinion about the Bitcoin.


A new deal for the presidential elections of 2018

The presidential commissioner for the rights of entrepreneurs and ombudsman for business, Boris Titov, has come to the Russian presidential election in 2018. The 56 year old man represents the party of growth-oriented business. “Titov is part of the establishment of the Kremlin, and friends of president Vladimir Putin,” said the Moscow Times, adding that ” it is also an economic liberal and he directs the efforts of the president to fight corruption “. In an interview granted to the online newspaper Mail.ru Boris Titov has declared : “We are going to legalize Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies in Russia,” and stated : “The crypto-currency popular, including the Bitcoin and Ethereum, will be legalized. People will have the possibility to store them in the banks and markets of crypto-currencies, and use them as a means of payment. “


Titov, an advocate of crypto-currencies for a long time

Titov has long been an advocate for the defense of the Bitcoin and crypto-currencies in general. In July, it was he who suggested that Kaliningrad is chosen as the pilot site where the Bitcoin will be used as currency, for example, to buy fuel. He has also appeared on several occasions for the legalization of Bitcoin in Russia. Moreover, it is also at this time that Titov has asked the central Bank to follow the example of Japan and to legalize Bitcoin.

Source : News.Bitcoin