What is a wallet choose from Coinbase, BitBay and the other ?

What is a wallet choose from Coinbase, BitBay and the other ?

You want to get a wallet, but you don’t know which one to choose ? So here are the advantages and disadvantages of some of them, including Coinbase or Bitbay.

Why take a wallet for crypto-currencies on a platform ?

When you start using the crypto-currency, you need to have a space to store, send and receive crypto-currencies. It is for this reason that you must find a wallet. There are several kinds of wallet for crypto-currencies. If you are new to the crypto-currencies, we advise you to opt for a purse which is included on a platform. Although these portfolios have less options than the other types of wallet, they are much simpler to handle, since you can use without having to configure different options. In addition, this will prevent you from having to use multiple software. However, it can be difficult to choose among the many platforms that have a wallet of crypto-currencies. It is for this reason that we propose to you to discover the benefits of those that we consider to be the best.

The advantages of the wallet Coinbase

Its main advantage is without a doubt to be a part of one of the platforms the most recognized for the purchase of crypto-currencies. So, just as his sales platform, the portfolio Corner,ase is very reliable, simple and intuitive. In addition, it is perfectly suited to companies and duly secure thanks to its two-factor id. Another of its big advantages is to provide two types of wallet. The first is basic and is intended for beginners, while the second offers a lot more options for users more experienced. It offers, for example, a system for multi-signatures, which will be very appreciated by the companies.

The advantages of the wallet BitBay

Just like Coinbase, BitBay has a full platform that allows you to buy and sell a large number of crypto-currencies, but also store, receive and send thanks to its integrated portfolio. In addition, you can enjoy an excellent safety, in particular by enabling the identification of two factors. But its main asset is certainly its simplicity, which makes it a very good choice for people starting out with the crypto-currency and do not want to bother to use several software.

The advantages of the wallet Binance

Binance also offers a complete interface that will allow you to take advantage of an exchange platform and a portfolio. It is also very simple to use because it only takes a few clicks to configure it. It also allows you to store a large number of crypto-currencies, which makes it the ideal choice if you are new to the crypto-currency and that vousvoulez try different crypto-currencies.


What you must remember

  • The wallet of crypto-currencies are particularly perfect for those just starting with crypto-currency.
  • Coinbase, BitBay and Binance and offer all the three exchange platforms and strong portfolio of simple-to-use.
  • These platforms allow you to enjoy all the benefits of a portfolio without the need to spend hours to configure it.