What is due to the devaluation of bitcoin ?

With the evolution and growing of the current technology, the bitcoin is experiencing a great success, and even manages to become a means of payment is very popular. However, in mid-2017, this currency cryptographic devalues more and more. What is the cause of this turnaround ?

The decentralization

This is in the first place, the devaluation of bitcoin. With no barrier of region, no control is carried out, the cost of exchange is very low. Therefore, no control on the part of the State, the bitcoin has no border. As long as both parties agree, for example, a purchase, and the transaction must be done, they are free to do the exchange. It is this decentralization of the currency, which has forced the States as well as Central Banks to devalue the bitcoin. Thus, these entities do not want a currency that is not controlled or exchanges incognito between third parties. This is why some States develop plans to block the development of bitcoin.

The concern to supplant fiat currency

One can understand the concern of the States, as well as Banks when you think that the fiat currency could disappear to the profit of the virtual currency. There is consensus that the sovereignty of a State is primarily the control of its currency. Gold, a currency such as bitcoin could completely threaten the authority of a State. It is the same thing for the Banks, in effect, their status would take a hit. Thus, bank managers do not hesitate to disparage the crypto-currencies such as bitcoin, ethereum, or litecoin. You can actually compare the bitcoin to the streaming, which replaced gradually the disks. This is what a lot of entities fear.

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