What is the tax for crypto-currencies in France ?

Some eagerly await a regulation on crypto-currencies, especially in France. But it seems that it is necessary to wait at least a year to see change taxation in our country. What does please, of course, not everyone…

A surprising decision

On the 19th of march last, Bruno Le Maire, has surprised a lot of people with his speech, declaring that he had the intention to make France a land of welcome for companies wishing to raise funds in crypto-currencies. A declaration which went against his previous fears because he believed that the Bitcoin was an ideal way to finance terrorism.

Pixabay – The Digital Artist / The crypto-currencies have no regulatory framework currently.

Bruno The Mayor, however, has heard the fears of the French regarding crypto-currencies, and therefore proposed the establishment of a mission to work on a possible regulation. However, we learn that this working group should not advocate any change in tax, at least for the moment. However, currently, digital currencies are the subject of a legal vacuum.

A legal blur

Indeed, currently, when a company declares crypto-currencies, it may be imposed depending on the interpretation of the tax : it is the surprise… – side investor, it is the same thing, and that is blur the total. So it’s a real problem that is pointed out since the beginning of the year by all those (professionals and individuals) who possess Bitcoins and other virtual currencies.

Pixabay – Stux / tax is not expected to change before the start of the year 2019.

The objective of the government is at the present time to ensure that crypto-currencies do not threaten the financial stability of the country. The question of taxation is not a priority, at least for the moment. This is what several professionals who were interviewed in Bercy in the framework of the mission on the Bitcoin explained as a result of their interview.

The general rapporteur of the finance committee, Joël Giraud, has confirmed these words : “It is too early for conclusions related to Bitcoin. The taxation aspects should not be clarified before the next finance act. “

Therefore, we should not expect the slightest change in the level of taxation prior to the start of the year 2019.

Source : Capital