What trends will lead the market of crypto-currencies in 2018 ?

2017 was a year of epic for crypto-currencies : the explosion in the price of Bitcoin and the market value of the complex in general, multiplication of the ICO, media coverage supported the general press… and it’s Hard not to have at least heard about it. But while we are not yet out of the famous correction of the month of January, what can we expect for the rest of the year ?

The media BlockTribune interviewed a bunch of personalities of the universe of the chain of blocks. Here are the main trends that you could attend in 2018.

Regulations more strict

The prediction made at the end of the month of December 2017 by the CEO of CanYa.io, John-Paul Thorbjornse, has already materialized : the regulations will become more stringent in many countries. Some nations will adopt legal frameworks favourable to crypto-currencies, others will fight. This could lead to the closure of exchange platforms, campaigns of FUD, which may lead to corrections. The scenario which we have seen with South Korea. According to Thorbjornse, the ICO are intended to replace the IPO, which will become obsolete.

2018, the year of the true democratization of crypto-currencies

According to Jason Goldberg, CEO of Single Token, 2017 was the year of the revelation for the cryptos. 2018 will be that of the confirmation and the process of democratization. This will also be the year during which the potential of distributed applications will be truly revealed to the daily, especially with features such as Smart Contracts for Ethereum and co.

BTCBitcoin Gold

Paul Puey, CEO of Edge, abounds in this sense : Bitcoin has received unprecedented media coverage in the last year, including the creation of futures contracts for BTC. According to him, Bitcoin will serve as the public entrance door leading to the universe of crypto-currency. The problems of scalability of the heavy current in the sector could also make them lose their status for the benefit of quicker solutions.

2018, the year of the maturity

If most of the personalities interviewed expect to see the complex crypto-currencies to grow by 2018, we should not know the outbreak is a spectacular price of 2017. This can be explained by the fact that the market should discipline themselves more. The introduction of futures contracts on Bitcoin should in particular play a role in this sense. If the ICO will continue to play an important role in the ecosystem, they will inevitably be fewer, given the fierce competition that reigns in this sector.

The scalability of crypto-currencies put to the test

To be accepted as a means of payment, the crypto-currencies still have much progress to make. Currently, many are those who are unable to compete with solutions such as credit cards, according to co-founder of Lisk, Max Kordek. The sector will need to be able to provide technical responses to hoist the crypto-currency to the same level of performance. This is all the more important that the democratisation has been compounded by the current problems of scalability.

Beware of scams

Many participants in the panel also predict a resurgence of scams, that should be more sophisticated.

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