When the crypto-currencies are brought to life in a comic strip

Reddit has chosen a marketing strategy unique in amusing the viewers through the staging of the crypto-currency in a comic book called The Cryptos. The result is surprising and rather nice.

When the crypto-currency becomes a character

It is a member of team Reddit who had this idea : to create a comic satire on the lives of crypto-currencies. It is simply a way to surf on the international trend with a touch of humor. Thus, the different crypto-currencies are brought to life in the form of characters who live adventures. Virtual currencies have the wind in its sails, and it is for this reason that the comic strip was so successful on the Web.

Source : Reddit

The comic strip is called simply The Cryptos. The author, who calls himself by the same name, thus transforms the crypto-currencies into characters with arms, legs and a funny face. It makes a mockery of digital currencies, and does not hesitate to emphasize the weaknesses of the latter. For example, recently, he spoke of the slowness of the transactions of the Bictoins. So these are topics that can be found in these comics is not quite like the other !

Passionate about crypto-currency

The author and designer, has been interested for about a year to crypto-currencies. He admits to having discovered Ethereum a little bit by chance, while he was bored in his work server. Then, he has enjoyed this virtual currency. So much so, that he was inspired by these crypto-currencies to achieve a band drawn. He gives them life through drawings, in funny scenes.

Source : Reddit

And most importantly, the readers are waiting for you. It has, therefore, want to continue this adventure. And why not to disclose his / her idea by offering a cartoon on a YouTube channel or even a video game based on the BlockChain. After all, why not !

A little humor in the world of crypto-currency does not hurt. We love it ! And you, what do you think of this idea ?

Source : Reddit