While the Bitcoin is traded, investors closely follow the China

In recent weeks, the prices of Bitcoin have been negotiated, evolving in a range of reasonably rigorous. Many investors expected the new regulations put in place by China. Today, we are seeing an increase in the price of the virtual currency up to $ 4,000.

After an increase to more than $ 5 000, on 2 September, the price of bitcoin has been influenced by these many changes. Currently, the market is not yet regulated, which explains the irregularity in the level of prices. After this decline, the price of Bitcoin, as well as the price of other digital currencies have increased, but have met some difficulties, in particular because of the regulatory environment increasingly uncertain.

The measures taken by the chinese government

The chinese authorities have banned the ICO, according to CoinDesk. This happened after chinese officials have been investigated on the exchange. China, since the 4th of September, has taken various measures to regulate this sector.

The regulatory situation is already complex of China took a new turn when the three largest stock exchanges of the country have announced that in the coming months, they would cease to propose commercial transactions to local.

Investors are waiting

Today, more and more investors expect and closely follow the developments of the situation in China. An approach which shows their mistrust given that this sector is not regulated. People are now looking for clarity on the position of China. The investors are evaluating the effects that these new restrictions will have on the market.

After the CEO and co-founder of Coinfirm, Pawel Kuskowski, the observers will get the clarity soon. Traditional investors will come back little by little on the market that will surely be fully regulated in the near future.