Who is going to create the” Amazon “and the” Instagram ” of crypto-currencies ?

There is a lot of hype, promises and excitement around the world of crypto-currencies. The technology Blockchain disrupts the ecosystems, including traditional and crypto-currencies are in the money market. However, there is not yet a native application pioneer.

Investors and followers of crypto-currencies are beginning to ask where will this idea of paradigm shift is based solely on the power of crypto-currencies and the technology Blockchain. They wonder who is going to create what is “Instagram” for photo sharing to smartphones, or what is the “Amazon” for the Web applications native for e-commerce ?

Programmability of the money

Recently, the venture capital investor Chris Dixon and the co-founder of Coinbase Fred Ehrsam have discussed this missing piece of the puzzle on the podcast technology Andreessen Horowitz ” Why Crypto Tokens Matter.” Dixon and Ehrsam describe the meaning of the crypto-currency and its development through the way the Web has changed the information. In fact, the Web has allowed the programming information for the first time, while crypto-currencies and tokens currently allow the programming of the money or value. Thus, thanks to the Internet, new companies have been created to the extent that we could transmit information and data instantly.

It is necessary to try all

With this new technology now available, there is still a shortage of companies to take advantage of the wave of success current. Amazon and Instagram have managed to impose in their respective field, because they have fully negotiated the transition to the digitization of information and reap enormous benefits from the new technology. The companies that have the biggest chance to take advantage of the endless waves of revolutionary technology, such as the Internet, smartphones and now the crypto-currencies, are those who try everything in order to be the first native application. For the moment, it is difficult to tell what is going to look like the company that will symbolize the technology Blockchain. We still need to wait.