Why billionaires continue to invest in crypto-currencies ?

The crypto-currencies are at the heart of very many controversies. Some billionaires, such as Alan Howard, who is at the helm of Brevan Howard Asset, continue to believe in the future of the virtual currency. The business man comes in to take a big decision.

An investment

Alan Howard would have started investing in crypto-currencies during the year 2017. And despite the catastrophic decline of the prices of digital currencies since the beginning of the year, he did not intend to leave the boat. In fact, the billionaire has planned to invest yet, in a significant way. To such a point that he would have hired a full-time employee in order to manage this personal investment. He would like to continue to recruit staff and to invest further in what he considered to be the currency of the future.

Image Shutterstock / The major investments of the billionaires tend to prove that crypto-currencies have a bright future ahead of them.

If this initiative sounds interesting, it is simply because that the business man does not bury the crypto-currencies, unlike other. And it is not the only one to stare at virtual currencies. Several billionaires following the trend.

A growing interest in crypto-currencies

Several billionaires, like so Alan Howard, but also of Tim Draper, have chosen to turn to the crypto-currencies. Their investments are excessively high, which seems to prove that virtual currencies have a bright future ahead of them. According to some experts, the prices could continue to fall before rebounding by the end of the year. These investments would therefore be risky, but controlled !

Pixabay – The Digital Artist / The billionaires are investing considerable sums of money in the crypto-currencies.

These men extremely rich do not invest lightly, and we are talking here of millions of dollars of personal fortune. These billionaires believe more than ever in the future of Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

The future will tell us if they were right. Currently, the market is rather catastrophic, but one can imagine that they are in possession of reliable information. In which case they would not invest… ?

Source : NCC