Why the community of crypto-currencies does it have all eyes on South Korea ?

A lot of South Koreans are obsessed with crypto-currencies. This is not the case for the legislators of the country. Even the Prime minister of South Korea said that the speculation surrounding the Bitcoin is dangerous. The demand for the digital currency and was so important that it has pushed prices up 50 % in South Korea.

Source : Pixabay. The price of Bitcoin has risen sharply in South Korea.

Even if the price of Bitcoin has stabilized, the top officials of the country are still reluctant. Given the role of South Korea in the world of crypto-currencies, the prospect of a crackdown has attracted the attention of investors around the world.

Why South Koreans are they interested much in the crypto-currencies ?

According to Tai-Ki Lee, a researcher at the Institute of south Korean finance, the investors in the country have long had an affinity for paris risky financial. According to Kwak Keumjoo, a professor of psychology at Seoul national University, the status of a stateless person of Bitcoin appeals to some citizens who are wary of keeping their money in a country that shares a common border with the North Korea of Kim Jong One.

Source : manu zoli, Pixabay. The South Koreans are interested in crypto-currencies, and particularly Bitcoin.

Regardless of the reason for this enthusiasm for the digital currency, even the country’s central Bank has had to ask to stop the trade of crypto-currencies. It is difficult to understand the behavior of Koreans, but in the book of the Elect Ducamp titled something South Korea can discover the way of living of the inhabitants. An excellent book that will help you to identify the reasons for this popularity.

What does the south Korean government ?

After having prohibited the ICO in September, the regulators have then decided to close local exchanges. While a broader policy is in the course of the study, the authorities are taking measures to prevent money laundering and other illegal activities.

On the 30th of January last, the country has banned deposits to virtual accounts anonymous. The authorities have also banned the mining of digital currencies. The great concern of investors is the closure of the exchange market of crypto-currencies.

Source : Bloomberg