Why the politicians wish to regulate the crypto-currency ?

Have you noticed that, in recent weeks, many governments wish to regulate crypto-currencies ? This is not a coincidence. In fact, politicians gathered in Davos on the occasion of the world economic Forum, agreed on the danger posed by the digital currency.

Prevent a disaster

Either Theresa May, the first british Minister, and Emmanuel Macron, the president of the French Republic, the men and women the most influential policy have the intention to regulate the crypto-currency. It seems indeed that the virtual currency is in the crosshairs of the leaders.


They are calling for more regulation. They wish to prevent a disaster is systemic of the global economy and are notably concerned about the use of criminal virtual currencies the most famous, such as the Bitcoin or Ether, for example. Theresa May spoke on the subject, fearing a significant rise of cybercrime.

Legitimate concerns

Emmanuel Macron, who was also present at Davos, has argued in favour of the IMF. He wants the IMF focuses on the delicate issue of the crypto-currency. According to the President of France, the digital currency could be at the origin within a few months of serious financial crises in the world. The crypto-currency would be part of the dérégulateurs of the financial market, and it should be according to the politician, to regulate them quickly.

Macron at #Davos : “I am in favour of this that the IMF has the mandate to monitor the entire international financial system, of which large parts are outside of the regulation. As the bitcoin, the crypto-currency market or the shadow banking https://t.co/wdnZiHSLJc pic.twitter.com/503O6MrFDO

— BFM Business (@bfmbusiness) January 24, 2018

However, everyone does not agree on the question. The governor deputy of the Swedish central bank, Cecilia Skingsley, has also intervened, arguing that the crypto-currency is not really a danger, but rather a supplement : “A Bitcoin or other versions of digital assets, or crypto-currency, as some call it, it is something completely different from the silver version with the central bank. “

This she said would be the reason why crypto-currencies are to this day still neglected. Anyway, most of the politicians present at this forum have expressed their concern. They would like a clear regulation on crypto-currencies. Their appeal will he heard ? To follow.

Source : Euronews