With 11 million users, Coinbase allows for the purchase of the instant Bitcoins with a us bank account

The site Coinbase has announced that it will now allow users to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin instantly by paying with a us bank account.

“Coinbase, the market is the most reliable, safe and easy to use “

Previously, customers who purchased a crypto-currency using a bank account had to wait several days, sometimes up to a week, before being able to access their assets. From now on, customers who pay for their purchases of crypto-currency using a u.s. bank account may buy up to $ 25,000 of BTC, ETH and LTC, and you have immediate access to their parts. This addition is life-saving for consumers, many of whom wish to buy Ethereum to participate in the ICO, but new users often do not realize that they must plan in advance to ensure that their parts are available before the start of the ICO. “Our mission is to make Coinbase the market of digital currencies the most reliable, safe and easy to use. Thanks to the purchases snapshot, customers can invest more easily and more quickly in the ecosystem of digital currencies. The reduction of the time of receipt of the digital currency has been a feature highly requested and we are pleased to be offering this improved experience to our customers.” Here is what we could read in the news of Coinbase.


Coinbase continues to innovate

Coinbase has crossed the milestone of 10 million registered users in September and has already added more than 1.4 million users since then. The company has sometimes struggled to adapt its growth to its user base, but the company is committed to raise funds and to use them to improve the service to the customer. To meet this commitment, Coinbase has made direct phone support last month. Coinbase says that the purchasing bank are instant online for ” a lot of customers in the United States “, but it has not yet been enabled for other countries. The company says that it will continue to expand the availability of this feature in the coming months.

TechCrunch Source : Cryptocoinsnews