With a market capitalization of more than $ 285 billion, the crypto-currencies today are more valuable than Visa

The market capitalization of the digital currency is now higher than that of Visa. Currently, the market capitalization of Visa is $ 254 billion, up from $ 285.9 billion for crypto-currencies. According to the annual report of Visa in 2016, the network processes approximately $ 5.8 billion per year, mainly from Visa cards issued worldwide.

In 2016, more from 83.2 billion transactions have been made on the Visa network. In addition, the market of digital currency deals much less of transactions on a daily basis.

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Fewer transactions for crypto-currencies

If the Visa network processes many more transactions per day, this is not the case for crypto-currencies. The network Ethereum realizes, however, more transactions than all other digital currencies. On average, the market of crypto-currencies, trading near $ 1 million in transactions per day. In total, he makes about $ 360 million of transactions per year.

In addition, the main actors in this sector work in the development and deployment of payment card networks a lot more efficient. Via payment channels, such as Lightning and Plasma, crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum will be able to remain a valuable asset secure.

Use payment channels, to increase the volume of transactions of crypto-currencies

A recent study conducted by BlockStream has shown that with solutions such as the channels, micro-payment, the sector will be able to attract more than 800 million users. By optimizing these channels, it will be possible to eliminate unneeded data.

Already in terms of volume of daily transactions, the market of crypto-currencies, handling over 10 billion exchanges of digital currencies. The world market for crypto-currencies record transactions of approximately $ 3.6 billion per year, approaching the volume of the Visa network. An excellent evolution for this sector that is currently booming.

Source : CryptoCoinsNews