With the fall in the price of crypto-currencies, the twins Winklevoss are no longer billionaires

The fall in the price of crypto-currencies is a real disaster for some investors. Among them, the twins Winklevoss, who have lost their title of billionaire. In fact, they have lost nearly $ 800 million in a few days…

Brothers very famous in the United States

The twins Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss are famous in the world of crypto-currency. In effect, they had become in the last month, with the outbreak of the course, the first billionaires in Bitcoins. These two investors aged 36 years are not unknown : they were members of the american team, rowing in the Beijing Olympic Games. And above all, they have sued Mark Zuckerberg, stating that the latter had stolen their idea of Facebook. After a long legal battle, they have received $ 20 million and received 1.2 million shares in the company. It is with all this money that they have invested in Bitcoin, seeking to prove that it was a great idea. And we can not give them harm, because they have become billionaires !

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A fall terrible for the twins

Unfortunately, in recent days, prices have dropped sharply. Each of them would have lost 443 million, or $ 786 million at the two of them. As well, their fortune virtual fell 37 % in one month. The fall in the price of crypto-currencies has caused them to lose a very high value on their investment, which had risen to the rank of billionaires. Of course, they hope that this is only temporary, even if we don’t know of an official source if they were sold or not their crypto-currencies. However, last month, in an interview for Bloomberg, the brothers Winklevoss had said they want to take their bet on the long-term : “We believe that bitcoin can compete with the gold. We believe that this is only the beginning. But we are going to hang “.

A deliberate investment

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss have surprised a lot of people when they became the first billionaire in Bitcoins. According to them, as they had explained to the New York Times, their bet was risky, but thought :

“People don’t want to take it seriously. But at some point, this will change to become “virtual currencies are here to stay”. […] This is four years old and we are still waiting that we prove that it is not a viable alternative to fiat currencies. We can be completely wrong, but we are curious to see how far it will go. “

So far, their gamble has paid off. They believe in the Bitcoin, to such an extent that they have even created a stock market exchange of Bitcoin and Ether. They believe that the money is as secure on this purse than in a traditional bank.

Then have they retained their investment and they continue to bet on the future of Bitcoin ? To follow.

Source : Telegraph

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      Bah there are platforms for the exchange of currency, or you can convert your bitcoins in usd or in€, but obviously there is a percentage commission that is taken, it is not free. The ideal is to expend or to pay someone directly in bitcoin.

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    Hello Amelie, 35 years old, passionate about news, I advise you to you a love for math in the future.

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    There are several signs that allow to recognize the presence of a bubble…. and, in particular, to that 2 heads of nodes can become rich in a blink of an eye.