Yahoo! Japan buys 40 % of BitARG

Z Corporation is a subsidiary of Yahoo! Japan Corporation : gold, this annex, japanese-giant of the Web has just announced to be on the verge of becoming the shareholder of the exchange of crypto-currencies BitARG.

A great new

So it is now official : Yahoo! launches in the area of crypto-currencies. In fact, the giant of the Web do not wish to remain on the sidelines and the intention to participate in this great adventure, acquiring 40 % of the exchange platform that is based in Tokyo.

Pixabay – Geralt / Yahoo! has confirmed the news about the redemption of 40 % of BitARG.

Yahoo! becomes a minority shareholder and BitARG has also confirmed this purchase for an amount ranging between 2 and 3 billion yen, which is equivalent to approximately 15 to 20 billion euros. The two companies will work together to improve security and develop the user experience of the platform.

A redemption essential

BitARG is delighted with this new partnership that will give strength to the exchange platform. Moreover, the managers are out of the silence to explain : “Thanks to the new capital, the company may use the expertise of the Yahoo! Group Japan in the field of service operations and security, which will allow customers to more easily prepare at the start of the management of the exchange by the company and enhance the operation after the start of the operation. “

Pixabay – MichaelWuensch / the giant of The Web was formally involved in the adventure of the virtual currencies with this purchase.

This redemption comes only a few days after the takeover of Coincheck by Monex, the strategy is similar. These acquisitions play in favour of crypto-currencies, since these giants do not invest lightly. Also, the future of virtual currencies would be guaranteed, acquisitions such as that of Yahoo! being particularly important.

Yahoo! bet, so on the future and on the crypto-currency and wants, thanks to the repurchase of a portion of BitARG, developing the exchange platform in order to make it one of the most important in the world. Nice project !

Source : NCC