Zerolink launches Coinjoin

Zerolink is a privacy solution based on Bitcoin, has announced its intention to introduce a test of anonymity on a large scale. To ensure the success of this pilot test, the creator of the platform is currently looking for volunteers to test the first ” use anonymous of Bitcoin “. The test will be held on December 20th at 22h GMT, and all the details of the experience are available on the website of Zerolink.


Strengthen the right to anonymity

Zerolink has launched the recruitment of 100 testers of the transaction to verify the operation of the new system Coinjoin. They will of course be rewarded for their efforts. The project is the latest in a series of initiatives aimed at claiming the right to anonymity. Indeed, the need for protection of privacy, at a time when the surveillance and the control of identity online is highly increased, has stimulated the development of projects such as Coinjoin. By performing this test on a large scale, Zerolink, who had previously worked for the system used by Bitcoin Tumlebit, hopes to prove that the transactions are anonymous related to Bitcoin are perfectly feasible.


One more step toward anonymity in full of the transactions of Bitcoins

The battle for anonymity in transactions of crypto-currencies has led the developers of crypto-currencies in different directions. For example, Zcash and its many subsidiaries use zk-snarks to check the validity of a transaction, without revealing neither the source nor the destination of the funds. With Coinjoin, Zerolink offers another approach to private transactions. In fact, the idea is that if two users share a number of funds almost identical at roughly the same time, it is possible to replace one by the other.

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