ZoKrates seeks to bring the best of Zcash to support the development of the Ethereum

In the Face of the scalability and the confidentiality that prevails over the network, Blockchain, now valued at several billion dollars, Jacob Eberhardt, a researcher at the technical University of Berlin, must be to introduce a new programming language at the Devcon Debut which was soon to be held in Cancun, Mexico. This new programming language will be designed to help the Ethereum to improve its main weakness.


Facilitate the programming on the network Ethereum

The project in question is called ZoKrates. Its purpose is to provide developers with a toolbox that could help to realize the potential of a tool for privacy Blockchain highly anticipated called zk-snarks. Launched last October by Zcash, the software update of recent Ethereum has paved the way for easier use of the programming and, as she opens actually access to this functionality, the applications of ZoKrates are potentially vast. On the one hand, the new language is designed to be simple and accessible for any developer manipulating Ethereum ; this could lead to what privacy features appear in applications and tokens decentralized. Second, because zk-snarks compress the information, ZoKrates has the potential to evolve the network Ethereum ; for example, facilitating the storage of data. In short, ZoKrates allows information to be hidden and then downloaded into a contract to intelligent that the network can still verify, all without endangering the information of the contract.

The following video reveals details of this new program.

The challenges of the future

Although the possibilities offered by ZoKrates were interesting, the project is not without obstacles. Eberhardt has identified two major challenges. On one hand, the new programming language is still under development. This means that even if the code in open-source, it is not ready to be used in production applications. In addition to this, Eberhardt is currently working solo on the project. For this reason, the timing of development can not be predicted. And, of course, as it is common in the world of technology Blockchain, there are concerns about zk-snarks themselves.

Source : Coindesk